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Investing in Your Child’s Development with the Universal Child Care Benefit

I recently posted 4 ways you can leverage the UCCB lump sum the government just dropped into your bank account this week.

Reflecting on it, my suggestions were all about money and future needs. I think I missed something!

Maybe this gift is the perfect opportunity to invest in your child’s development.

What can 420$ (600$ if you consider 12 months of UCCB) do for them? Read more

Do you live by Monopoly’s rules?

National Play Monopoly Day - November 19<br /><br /><br />
Image Credit: math.stackexchange.com

I had no clue that today was National Monopoly Day. Before you take this too seriously, apparently there’s a way to register a ‘national day’ for your preferences. In fact, today is also ‘carbonated caffeinated drink day,’ so you can’t take these things too seriously.

In light of today’s national holiday, consider the purpose of Monopolyown as much as you can. Just to make sure I was playing right with my family a while back, I checked the rules. They specifically indicate that the purpose of the game is not only to become rich but to make sure your opponents go bankrupt. Ah, the American Dream! My success at someone’s cost.

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