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Bold as Love (book review)

(originally published in August 2012)

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Bob Roberts Jr upcoming book, Bold as Love.

Bob challenges us to see people as God does, to treat them as God does, to love and pursue them as God does.

The book highlights Bob’s journey as he makes increased inroads serving and loving the world – literally. From his church long term commitment to serving and reaching Vietnam, to Bob’s numerous trips, projects, and personal relationships in the Arab world, he shares personal experiences learning to love and connect with people very different from him.

The core challenge he gives us to is lovingly serve the Muslim world and people. Befriending regular Muslims, leaders, Imams, mosques, and countries. The idea that love will bring us to places of discomfort is without a doubt. However, in Bob’s experience, a gracious spirit, an honest approach, and a genuine commitment to one’s faith-convictions will gain both respect and relationship.

From Bob’s perspective, the most opposition is usually from your own tribe (denomination or church) because of the cultural and embedded fears Christians have from what they hear in the media or indirect sources.

The book did leave me with one question. Read more