Is knowledge really power?

It was too funny.

We all sat there – 6 of us hanging out in my living room – talking about the effects of sugar, roller coaster ride eating through out the day from high to low to high until we crash and burn. Someone mentioned that Carrageenan – found in most milk and ice creams – causes cancer.

We all had our knowledge up to date when it came to destructive habits. But did that matter?

When the coffee was ready, I pulled out some apple crumble cake out of the oven with some brand name Ice cream and asked who wanted some. What do you think we did?

All of us ate. All of us. Me included.

Sugar, preservatives, and carrageenan present.

It was harmless (I think). Small doses. Know one left sick. Most of these ingredients have an cumulative effect not an instant one.

No one is judging here. I can’t, I had the pie too 🙂

But it makes me think about all the knowledge we possess.

Is knowledge really power? Does it really lead to life change or informed decisions.

Not with pie and ice cream it doesn’t.

What about the other parts of our lives? Where do you ignore knowledge? What, beyond knowledge, leads to better decisions and life change?

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