Saturate: a life of mission and influence

Any attempt to influence in anyway must begin with you. Teachers, doctors, parents, NGOs, etc.

I’ve never met a great teacher that first wasn’t saturated in their topic of interest. I’ve never met an effective community advocate that didn’t know their neighborhood inside and out. Have you met a good doctor who didn’t take years to understand the human body. Even parents pass on to their kids the different ways they’ve been influenced (good or bad).

If you want to make a difference around you. If you want to spread goodness… or in the mission of God, spread His good news… the first person that needs to be saturated is you!

This short blog series will eventually highlight ways we can saturate our cities with the goodness and good news of Jesus, but first let’s start with you and I.

To help you start this conversation, ask yourself 2 questions:

What saturates my life?
What must saturate my life?

#1 is about current reality. #2 is about vision.

Where are you? Where do you want to be? What are you? What do you want to be?

Don’t skip these 2 questions. Take some time to think about both… we’ll continue another day going deeper with each question.

(I’ll be posting a series of thoughts connected to a recent teaching series from Westside Gathering called SATURATE.)

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