Do you live by Monopoly’s rules?

National Play Monopoly Day - November 19<br /><br /><br />
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I had no clue that today was National Monopoly Day. Before you take this too seriously, apparently there’s a way to register a ‘national day’ for your preferences. In fact, today is also ‘carbonated caffeinated drink day,’ so you can’t take these things too seriously.

In light of today’s national holiday, consider the purpose of Monopolyown as much as you can. Just to make sure I was playing right with my family a while back, I checked the rules. They specifically indicate that the purpose of the game is not only to become rich but to make sure your opponents go bankrupt. Ah, the American Dream! My success at someone’s cost.

What if you lived by a different philosophy?

What if our choices considered the Common Good of others? Perhaps our success can still happen, but the trajectory of our lives would be RICH in doing good and giving generously.

That could mean:

  • curbing your expenses to become rich in helping others
  • spending less this Christmas and giving more away
  • considering the needs of others before yourself
  • determining that your success will have a positive impact on others.


Advent Conspiracy is a grassroots movement trying to make Christmas change the world again. Check out the 4 principles HERE to help you live differently starting as early as this Christmas. TIP – don’t just do it for Christmas.

Be Rich is a way my local church (sharing the idea from other churches) are deciding to make a local impact in November 2014. It’s the belief that we’re more “rich in helping others and extravagant generosity” than just living by the rules of monopoly.


The holiday that comes up 35 days after today is Christmas, which reminds us of a Son who was sent – as God’s gifts to humanity – to one day empty himself for the sake of others. Intentional bankruptcy to make others’ rich.


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