Do Now What You Can’t Do Later

I did my first official run a couple years ago. I was nervous because 99% of the time I run by myself – and not that fast. That day there was 800 people. I didn’t do too bad. 484th? In the top 500 ?
When I was done, I started to think back to different parts of the race. I noticed I was too aware of the people around me and not focused on my own race. I also realized I should have ran a little slower at the beginning to keep a better pace the whole time.
Isn’t funny how only at the end of something do we wish we would have done something better earlier on, like the beginning of a year, season, race, marriage, relationship, or semester.
There’s something clarifying about a finish line. They are sobering, especially if it’s real life.

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Is knowledge really power?

It was too funny.

We all sat there – 6 of us hanging out in my living room – talking about the effects of sugar, roller coaster ride eating through out the day from high to low to high until we crash and burn. Someone mentioned that Carrageenan – found in most milk and ice creams – causes cancer.

We all had our knowledge up to date when it came to destructive habits. But did that matter?

When the coffee was ready, I pulled out some apple crumble cake out of the oven with some brand name Ice cream and asked who wanted some. What do you think we did? Read more

When Ideas Flow Best

Too often I think ideas – for me that’s in my teaching, counseling, or leadership – will come during the work I put into one of those areas.

However, I often struggle to come up with ideas in those very moments.

Of course, books like the Doing the Work by Steven Pressfield are true, when they stress the importance of sitting down and getting things done – writing, creating, planning. Thankfully ideas come in those moments too, but usually with a higher work hours to idea ratio.

Ideas come to me in the most ordinary, non-work, moments. Riding my bike, walking my dog, doing a leg exercise at the gym, just before I hit the pillow, listening to music on a run/walk.

I know there’s a science behind this. Google it if you’d like.

This makes me understand why ordinary time, sabbath, rest, and play is so vital. Read more

Saturate: a life of mission and influence

Any attempt to influence in anyway must begin with you. Teachers, doctors, parents, NGOs, etc.

I’ve never met a great teacher that first wasn’t saturated in their topic of interest. I’ve never met an effective community advocate that didn’t know their neighborhood inside and out. Have you met a good doctor who didn’t take years to understand the human body. Even parents pass on to their kids the different ways they’ve been influenced (good or bad).

If you want to make a difference around you. If you want to spread goodness… or in the mission of God, spread His good news… the first person that needs to be saturated is you!

This short blog series will eventually highlight ways we can saturate our cities with the goodness and good news of Jesus, but first let’s start with you and I.

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Investing in Your Child’s Development with the Universal Child Care Benefit

I recently posted 4 ways you can leverage the UCCB lump sum the government just dropped into your bank account this week.

Reflecting on it, my suggestions were all about money and future needs. I think I missed something!

Maybe this gift is the perfect opportunity to invest in your child’s development.

What can 420$ (600$ if you consider 12 months of UCCB) do for them? Read more

Bold as Love (book review)

(originally published in August 2012)

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of Bob Roberts Jr upcoming book, Bold as Love.

Bob challenges us to see people as God does, to treat them as God does, to love and pursue them as God does.

The book highlights Bob’s journey as he makes increased inroads serving and loving the world – literally. From his church long term commitment to serving and reaching Vietnam, to Bob’s numerous trips, projects, and personal relationships in the Arab world, he shares personal experiences learning to love and connect with people very different from him.

The core challenge he gives us to is lovingly serve the Muslim world and people. Befriending regular Muslims, leaders, Imams, mosques, and countries. The idea that love will bring us to places of discomfort is without a doubt. However, in Bob’s experience, a gracious spirit, an honest approach, and a genuine commitment to one’s faith-convictions will gain both respect and relationship.

From Bob’s perspective, the most opposition is usually from your own tribe (denomination or church) because of the cultural and embedded fears Christians have from what they hear in the media or indirect sources.

The book did leave me with one question. Read more

Do you live by Monopoly’s rules?

National Play Monopoly Day - November 19<br /><br /><br />
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I had no clue that today was National Monopoly Day. Before you take this too seriously, apparently there’s a way to register a ‘national day’ for your preferences. In fact, today is also ‘carbonated caffeinated drink day,’ so you can’t take these things too seriously.

In light of today’s national holiday, consider the purpose of Monopolyown as much as you can. Just to make sure I was playing right with my family a while back, I checked the rules. They specifically indicate that the purpose of the game is not only to become rich but to make sure your opponents go bankrupt. Ah, the American Dream! My success at someone’s cost.

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is fudging the truth main stream?

How many news stories have you read and immediately wondered, is this for real? Have they sensationalized this? How come they’re putting that slant on the story.

The recent tragic events of the Canadian soldier shot in the nation’s capital caused a stir of comments on the difference between American and Canadian news reports. This video is a pretty interesting comparison.

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